Monster Chopper | Free Attack Helicopter Game on App Store

Monster Chopper | Free Attack Helicopter Game on App Store


Monster Chopper IconType: FREE App Store Game

Category: Action & Adventure

Development: Swati Rawat

Graphic Design and Development: Arun Rawat

Available On: App Store

Rating: 5 based on 5 Users

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Not For The Faint Hearted


You know who never wins anything important? The one who never challenges oneself! It is even sadder that he/she will never experience the joy which comes after conquering what once appeared insurmountable. So if you are done bursting bubbles and crushing candies, come we will take you on an unforgettable ride.

Monster Chopper - A Combat Copter

Monster Chopper – A Combat Copter


Monster Chopper will definitely be one of the most difficult games you have ever played. It combines the challenges of maneuvering the copter by aligning your phone with the ground and tilting it accordingly to dodge obstacles that come in your way; and shooting down buildings and beasts to earn points. Initially it might seem impossible to you but once you get the hang of it you will be addicted to the game. And rest assured the game has been thoroughly tested and there is no challenge in the game which can’t be completed.

So what is a Monster Chopper? In the not too distant future the Biological Warfare has led to the metamorphosis of certain species into monstrous beasts. They say you need to fight fire with fire and so Monster Choppers were invented to counter these beasts. So do you dare to volunteer for this arduous mission and take it upon yourself to save the world!

Monster Chopper Objectives

Monster Chopper has many objectives to keep you hooked


• Play game with 3 different Attack Helicopters
• Awesome Ammunition including 4 Cool Missiles
• Formidable Enemies including Fire Breathing Birds
• 3 beautiful and challenging Worlds with 3 Levels each
• Over 50 Objectives and Achievements to compete with your friends
• Endless Gameplay
• Sensor based Gravity Control


3 Worlds & 3 Attack Helicopters

Three Worlds and Three Attack Helicopters


The Green Gun Bird

Green Gun – One of the monstrous birds in the game.

• Desert Heat
• Forest Hover
• Freak in Chill


• Boeing Apache
• Milit Panther
• Machete

Yeti Monster

The Yeti Monster in World 3 Level 3


• Kracker Jacker
• Dwasht
• Blue Thunderbolt
• Mamba


• Monk
• Marksman
• Maverick
• Minutes
• Maestro




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