10 Most Beautiful Birds In The World

Beauty may lie in the eyes of the beholder yet an admirer may never fail to discuss his view. Look at exquisite pictures and know about 10 of the most beautiful birds from around the world including the birds of paradise of Papua New Guinea, Indian peafowl, Chinese pheasant and the lovely hummingbirds of the Americas.

#10 Bohemian Waxwing

Bohemian Waxwing
Bohemian Waxwing (Image credit – John Harrison)

A small bird at around 20 centimeters, Bohemian Waxwing gets its name from the bright red bead-like tips of its secondary feathers, which look like drops of sealing wax. The “Bohemian” word is a comparison with the gypsies and bird’s tendency to wander. As the name gives us the clue the bird can be found in all the continents.

#9 Frilled Coquette Hummingbird

Frilled Coquette Hummingbird
Frilled Coquette Hummingbird (Image Credit – cs.birdwatchingdaily.com)

Found in Brazil this bird may only measure 7 centimeters and weigh around 2 grams. It is also among the smallest birds in the world.

#8 Blue Bird of Paradise

Blue Bird of Paradise
Blue Bird of Paradise (Image Credit – Conrad Anker’s blog)

About a foot in length with bright blue wings this bird is considered to be the loveliest bird by many bird watchers. The male has violet blue and cinnamon plumes and two long ribbon-like tail feathers.

#7 Indian Peafowl

Indian Peafowl
Indian Peafowl (Image from – Public Domain Photos blog)

The Indian Peafowl or Blue Peafowl is a large and brightly colored bird of the pheasant family native to South Asia. The male peacock is predominantly blue with a fan-like crest of spatula-tipped wire-like feathers and is best known for the long train made up of elongated upper-tail covert feathers which bear colorful eyespots. These stiff and elongated feathers are raised into a fan and quivered in a display during courtship.

#6 Wilson’s Bird of Paradise

Wilson's Bird of Paradise
Wilson’s Bird of Paradise

Measuring around 20 centimeters this small and beautiful bird is known for its curled tail. The male has a light blue on the crown visible even in the night, yellow on the neck and scarlet and green wings. It is endemic to Waigeo island in West Papua province of eastern Indonesia.

#5 Golden Pheasant

Golden Pheasant
Golden Pheasant

Measuring close to a meter this colorful bird can be found in the mountainous regions of China. It is thus also referred to as the ‘Chinese Pheasant’. The males have a golden-yellow crest with a hint of red at the tip, a scarlet breast and green and golden back.

#4 King of Saxony

King of Saxony
King of Saxony

This amazing bird measuring around 20 centimeters surely has the most unusual feature.  Two remarkably long enamel-blue brow-plumes that can be erected at the bird’s will. The bird is native to the forests of New Guinea.

#3 Costa Hummingbird

Costa Hummingbird
Costa Hummingbird (Image from – cdn.animaltalk.com)

The Hummingbirds in many varieties. The family is considered the most beautiful after the Birds of Paradise. The Costa Hummingbird can grow up to 10 centimeters, The male Costa’s mainly green back and flanks, a small black tail and wings, and patches of white below their gorgeted throat and tail. It can be spotted in southern United States and Mexico.

#2 Greater Bird of Paradise

Greater Bird of Paradise
Greater Bird of Paradise (Image credit – anthonynj66)

The largest among the ‘birds of paradise’ this bird can measure up to one and a half feet.  The male has a green face, yellow and silver rown, head and neck. The plumes are yellow, white and maroon. Like all the birds of paradise, it can be spotted in the forests of New Guinea, Indonesia and thereabouts.

#1 Raggiana Bird of Paradise

Raggiana Bird of Paradise
Raggiana Bird of Paradise

The Raggiana bird of paradise may measure up to 35 centimeters. You may estimate its beauty by the fact that it is the national bird of Papua New Guinea, home to all the ‘birds of paradise’. The male has a yellow crown, dark emerald-green throat and yellow collar between the throat and its blackish upper breast feathers. It is adorned with a pair of long black tail wires and large flank plumes.

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  1. Undoubtedly peacock should stand in 1st place.. because this is the most beautiful, most colorful and the most eye catching bird of all time…….

  2. The male Bluebird of Paradise has a very unsial call he makes while he is showing off to a mate while he hangs upside down by his feet


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