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Mnemonic - Cancel rescue mission to find Private Ryan


Word - Rescind


Meaning - cancel or revoke


Part of Speech - verb


Synonyms - abrogate, annul, null and void, abolish, quash


Antonyms - approve, permit, uphold, allow


Rescind sentences

1   The college girls will protest and demand the authorities to rescind the ban on wearing skirts.

2   Before we go on to make new plans for the future we must first rescind our prior agreement.


Rescinded sentences

1   The club rescinded the contract of the player after he tested positive in a drug test.

2   Obviously the prior agreements between the two countries rescinded once they were at war.


Rescinding sentences

1   Finally the outdated law against same sex couples is rescinding in some countries.

2   After his much talked about affair with a married woman the local club decided on rescinding his membership.



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