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Type: FREE Android Application

Category: Entertainment

Development: Swati Rawat

Graphic Design and Development: Arun Rawat

Database Management: Arun, Anirudh, Swati

Available On: Google Play

Average Rating: 4.8 by 43 Users

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“A Day Without Laughter Is A Day Wasted”
Charlie Chaplin


Knock Knock!

Who’s There?

Super Jokes

Super Jokes Who?

Pressure soaks. No cloaks. Frog croaks. Wind chimes. Nothing rhymes! Actually it’s a Supercool Free Android Jokes App.

Don’t worry I didn’t write jokes for Super Jokes and believe me I am more relieved for that than you must be. But thankfully there are thousands of witty jokes to be discovered and anyone who has an iota of intelligence and cares a little more than two hoots can compile a collection of jokes which are actually funny. We have an affidavit claiming more than an iota of intelligence and we definitely care a lot more than two hoots about our users.

Super Jokes Categories Snapshot

A snapshot of some of the categories in Super Jokes


Tired of surfing through hundreds of jokes to find a funny joke that is worth sharing? Save your time and energy and get popular in your network as the ‘King of Wit and Humour’ by downloading Super Jokes – A collection of thousands of witty jokes. You will be delighted to find that it is also the most well organized jokes app in the android market and it doesn’t cost you a dime. And of course you can share the jokes on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype, SHAREit, Google+, Gmail, Line, Hike etc. In Short you will be able to share jokes through any social network available on your device.

Super Jokes on a Samsung device

Super Jokes on a Samsung device


Super Jokes was built keeping in mind your various moods so you can select from dozens of categories and then filter the jokes in each category by their length, wit, decency etc. to find the specific kind of joke you were looking for. Like if you need a decent blonde joke you just need to select the blonde category and apply the decent filter to open all decent jokes on blondes. Similarly you can browse through Little Johnny jokes which are short in length or Men Women jokes which are large on wit. You get the idea. So ‘Whoa Oh What are you waiting for? Say Hi to Super Jokes tonight.’ Daytime will do too!

Super Jokes on Xiaomi-MI

Super Jokes on Xiaomi-MI


• Length: Short / Medium / Long
• Decency: Decent / Indecent / Adult / Sick
• Wit: Plain / Regular / Large
• Type: Thought / Opinion / Meaning / Narrative / Experience / Question


• Laffy Taffy
• Yo Mama
• Little Johnny
• Blonde
• Cowboy
• Drunk
• Pop Culture
• One-liners
• Jokes For Kids
• Men Women
• Knock Knock
• Santa Banta
• Hinglish
• Sports
• Riddles
• Animal Crackers
• Marriage Jokes
• Potty And Fart Jokes
• Fat / Skinny / Midget / Tall
• Dialogues in Movies and Literature
• Funny Quotes by Famous Personalities
• Superheroes including Batman, Superman and Spiderman
• Profession including Doctor, Lawyer, Scientist, Engineer and Dentist
• Country including Jewish, Polish, American, Canadian, Irish, French Mexican and Indian
• Celebrities including Chuck Norris, Kim Kardashian, Rajnikanth, Alia Bhatt, Alok Nath and Rahul Gandhi


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