7 Beautiful Landscapes By Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Renoir Landscape Featured

Landscape was ranked fourth in order of importance out of five genres in western art. However, several Impressionist artists devoted most of their careers to studying and painting the landscape. Since then, landscape has become a major theme in western art. Pierre-Auguste Renoir (February 25, 1841 – December 3, 1919) explored landscape painting throughout his … Read more

Renoir’s Contribution To Impressionism

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Pierre-Auguste Renoir (February 25, 1841 – December 3, 1919) was a French artist who was one of the pioneers of the art movement Impressionism. It was the summer of 1869 when Renoir, along with Claude Monet, began sketching beside the water at La Grenouillère, a boating and bathing resort on the Seine River, outside Paris. … Read more

10 Key Facts To Know About Kandinsky And His Art

Wassily Kandinsky Facts Featured

Wassily Kandinsky (December 16, 1866 – December 13, 1944) was a Russian artist who is regarded as the Father of Abstract Art for painting some of the earliest works in the genre and for his book Concerning the Spiritual in Art, which is considered the first theoretical foundation of abstraction. Kandinsky didn’t start his career … Read more

10 Most Famous Paintings By Caravaggio

Caravaggio Famous Paintings Featured

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, known around the world as simply Caravaggio, is one of the best known Italian artists of all time. His paintings, which combine a realistic observation of the human state, both physical and emotional, with a dramatic use of lighting, had a formative influence on the Baroque school of painting. He is, … Read more

10 Most Famous Pop Art Paintings And Collages

Famous Pop Art Paintings Featured

Pop Art was an art movement that dominated the art world in the mid 20th century. Considered the last prominent modern art movement, Pop Art appreciates popular culture as opposed to elitist culture. It is characterized by bright colors and use of recognizable imagery from popular culture like advertisements, celebrities, mundane cultural objects and comic … Read more

10 Most Famous Paintings Featuring Jesus Christ

Famous Jesus Paintings Featured

Jesus Christ, the central figure of Christianity, has been depicted numerous times in paintings during the course of western art. Renaissance was movement in Europe from the 14th to the 17th century which was marked by renewed interest in ancient Greco-Roman culture. Religious paintings were very common in the Renaissance and several paintings from this … Read more