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Oprah Winfrey Achievements Featured

10 Major Achievements of Oprah Winfrey

  Among the most successful global media leaders the world has witnessed, Oprah Winfrey has been an American Talk Show host, news anchor, television producer, actress, entrepreneur, author and philanthropist in her career spanning over...
Pocahontas Facts Featured

10 Interesting Facts About The Real Story of Pocahontas

  Pocahontas was a native American woman who remains one of the best known cultural icons in the United States. However, her biography has been constructed through her association with the English colonists in America....
Lionel Messi vs Zinedine Zidane

Lionel Messi Vs Zinedine Zidane: The Greatest Player Since Maradona?

  Here is a comparison of two modern great soccer players: Lionel Messi and Zinedine Zidane. Don't forget to cast your vote for the one who you think is the greatest player since Maradona.   Lionel Messi Zinedine...
Miracle Mike Featured

Miracle Mike | How did he survive after being beheaded

  On September 10, 1945, farmer Lloyd Olsen of Fruita, Colorado, United States, had his mother-in-law around for supper. He went out to chop off a rooster for supper and choose a five and a...

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