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Articles about ancient and modern civilizations including facts about them as well as their accomplishments.

Han Dynasty Facts Featured

10 Interesting Facts About The Han Dynasty of China

 Han dynasty gets its name from the city of Hanzhong, which is named after Han River, the biggest tributary of Yangtze River. Han dynasty was the second imperial dynasty of China. It was preceded...
Qin Dynasty Facts Featured

Qin Dynasty | 10 Facts About China’s First Imperial Dynasty

 Qin dynasty was the first imperial dynasty of China. It was responsible for unifying China and laid the foundation for future empires. Here are 10 interesting facts about the reign and achievements of Qin...
The Rosetta Stone Facts Featured

Rosetta Stone | 10 Facts About The Key To Ancient Egypt

 The Rosetta Stone is a 112.3 cm high, 75.7 cm wide and 28.4 cm thick fragment of a larger stele of granodiorite igneous rock. It created a sensation when it was rediscovered in 1799...

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