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Interesting facts about important events in history including natural disasters like hurricanes and volcanic explosions as well as revolutions and revolts.

Bastille Day Facts Featured

10 Facts On Bastille Day And Storming of The Bastille

 The Bastille was a fortress in Paris. It was built to defend the eastern approach to the city of Paris from the English threat in the Hundred Years' War. It was declared a state...
Battle Of Verdun Facts Featured

Battle of Verdun | 10 Facts On The Longest Battle In History

 Battle of Verdun was fought between German and French armies in 1916 during the First World War. Fought for nearly the entire year, it is the longest battle in human history and one of...
Great Fire of London Facts Featured

10 Interesting Facts About The Great Fire of London

 The Great Fire of London started on 2 September 1666 and lasted for just under five days. During this period it devastated the capital of England leaving more than 85% of its population homeless....
Spanish Armada Facts Featured

10 Interesting Facts About The Spanish Armada

 The Spanish Armada was a Spanish fleet of 130 ships which set sail in 1588 with the purpose of assisting an invasion of England to overthrow Queen Elizabeth I. Here are 10 interesting facts...
Hundred Years War Facts Featured

10 Interesting Facts About The Hundred Years’ War

 Since the Norman Conquest English kings were vassals of the kings of France. Hundred Years' War was an epic conflict between France and its mightiest vassal England for the French kingdom. According to historians,...
Battle of Bannockburn Facts Featured

10 Interesting Facts About The Battle of Bannockburn

 Lasting for two days, Battle of Bannockburn was one of the most important battles in the First War of Scottish Independence. It remains a popular and significant event in Scotland's history. Here are 10...
Peasants Revolt Facts Featured

10 Interesting Facts About The Peasants’ Revolt

 Peasants' Revolt began in Essex and soon became a major protest with people from varied sections of rural society participating in it. Also referred to as Wat Tyler's Revolt after the leader of the...
Irish Potato Famine Facts Featured

10 Interesting Facts About The Irish Potato Famine

 Irish Potato Famine, also known as the Great Famine, took place in Ireland between 1845 and 1852. It caused numerous deaths due to starvation and disease and led to mass emigration from the island....
Columbian Exchange Facts Featured

10 Interesting Facts About The Columbian Exchange

 Columbian Exchange is a term coined by Alfred W. Crosby in his revolutionary book The Columbian Exchange which was published in 1972. The term refers to the widespread exchange of animals, plants, human populations,...
Battle of Saratoga Facts Featured

Battle of Saratoga | 10 Facts About The Landmark Battle

 The Battle of Saratoga refers to the two battles which were held near the town of Saratoga in Saratoga County, New York in September and October of 1777. According to historian Edmund Morgan, America's...

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