Zealot Meaning

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Zealot Synonyms: enthusiast, fanatic

Zealot Sentence: My aunt is a health zealot and she is hell bent on making me quit smoking.

Under The Lens: Zealot various meanings

Zealotry was a radical and warlike political movement of Jews in Judea. Prominent between A.D. 69 and A.D. 81, it advocated Jews to rebel against the Roman Empire and expel it from the Holy Land by force of arms. The word Zealot (Z capital) is used to refer to a member of this group.
Zealot may refer to a person who shows excessive enthusiasm for a cause, person or an object. Stretching this meaning it may also refer to a person who is a fanatic.



Truculence Meaning

Truculence Meaning


Truculence Synonyms: aggressiveness, belligerence

Truculence Sentence: His truculence was the reason behind their break-up.

Under The Lens: Difference between Truculence, Aggressiveness and Belligerence.

All these words suggest hostility and unprovoked offensiveness. Aggressiveness is the most general among these words. Belligerence and especially truculence are more formal substitutes for aggressiveness. Belligerence suggests war like hostility while truculence has overtones of contempt and open disregard



Harangue Meaning

Harangue Meaning


Harangue Synonyms: diatribe, tirade

Harangue Sentence: The judge gave a harangue to the police for tampering with the evidence.

Under The Lens: Harangue Various Meanings

We learned in the video that harangue is a scolding or a long verbal attack. The word harangue also often refers to a long, passionate, and vehement speech, especially one delivered before a public gathering.

As a verb harangue means to deliver a harangue. Ex – He harangued me for being negligent.



Shard Meaning | Shard Mnemonic

Shard Meaning


Shard Synonyms: sherd, fragment

Shard Sentence: He used a pointed shard of glass to strike his enemy.

Under The Lens: The Shard

The Shard, also called the Shard of Glass, is a skyscraper in London. Standing 309.6m high, it is the tallest building in Europe and the second tallest free standing structure in the United Kingdom. It opened on 5 July 2012 and has 72 habitable floors.

The architect of the building Renzo Piano met with criticism from English Heritage who claimed that the building would be ‘A shard of glass through the heart of historic London‘, giving the building its current name ‘The Shard’.

Shard of Glass is the 59th tallest building in the world. It is 2.7 times shorter than the tallest building Burj Khalifa in Dubai which is 828m high.



Tenuous Meaning | Tenuous Mnemonic

Tenuous Meaning

Tenuous Synonyms: flimsy, frail, unsubstantial

Tenuous Sentence: The ball hung from the ceiling by a tenuous thread.


Under The Lens: Difference between Flimsy, Frail, Tenuous and Unsubstantial

These words refer to anything slight, weak, thin or sheer and thus either lacking in permanence or vulnerable to damage or criticism.

Flimsy is the most general among these words and may suggest all of the meanings mentioned above. More particularly it suggests lack of density which makes something limp. It also refers to worthlessness, low standards or something not having the appearance of truth. Ex – I found his excuse for not attending the function flimsy.

Frail concentrates more on thinness or weakness. When used metaphorically, frail more often has a tone of pity rather than of disapproval like flimsy. Ex – Their frail hopes of beating the world champions evaporated within a few minutes.

Like frail, tenuous emphasizes on slenderness but not necessarily on weakness. Metaphorically the word suggests vagueness or confusion. Ex – His political ideas are tenuous and no one takes them seriously.

Unsubstantial is the most formal of these words. It stresses on lack of density, stability or dependability. It also suggests that something is without basis. Ex – You have unsubstantial evidence to prove your case.



Venerate Meaning | Venerate Mnemonic

Venerate Meaning


Venerate Synonyms: revere, worship

Venerate Sentence: People around the world venerate Mahatma Gandhi because of his ideals of non-violence and truth.

Under The Lens: Difference between Revere, Worship and Venerate

Revere suggests respect tinged with awe. Ex – The team members revered their coach who was once a phenomenal soccer player.

Worship and venerate are often used in a religious context. In this sense worship is usually used for the almighty while venerate is applied to religious leaders or the like – worshipping the God and venerating the saints.

More broadly venerate is often used to suggest respect for dignity or old age. Ex – All the villagers venerated the old Colonel for his wisdom. Worship is a more general word and can apply to a variety of situations. It may suggest excess and uncritical respect. Ex – The people have started worshipping him and have become blind to his flaws.



Tractable Meaning | Tractable Mnemonic

Tractable Meaning


Tractable Synonyms: docile, amenable, tame, submissive

Tractable Sentence: His tractable dog followed his every command.

Under The Lens: Easily Manageable Words

These adjectives describe living beings or things that can be easily managed, trained, taught or led.

Amenable has the least negative tone among these words and just suggests openness to advice, persuasion or influence. Ex – They senate wanted an amenable king to lead Rome.

Docile broadly indicates lack of unruliness which makes for easy handling. It comes from a Latin root which means teachable and hence is often used in educational context. Ex – Due to our culture students in our country are usually docile.

Tractable suggests easily controlled. The degree of manageability is even more than docile in tractable. It often has a negative tone and suggests that the person has no will of his own and is like a material object that can be easily handled. Ex – Future of a country is bleak if its teenagers are tractable.

Tame and submissive suggest the greatest amount of servility among these words. Tame may suggest that the servility is inborn or deep-rooted like in a domestic animal. Ex – After being ruled for centuries the people of this country have become tame.

Submissive suggests extremely responsive attitude towards the needs, desires and whims of another. It may suggest servility to the point of being nearly slavish. Ex – His submissive wife took his every word as if it was a command.


Paucity Meaning | Paucity Mnemonic

Paucity Meaning


Synonyms: scarcity, dearth

Sentence: The king lost the battle because of paucity of soldiers in his army.

Under The Lens: Paucity Etymology

Paucity comes from the Latin root paucus (few, little). Paucity means scarcity or fewness. From the same root we get the word pauper which means a very poor person or someone who has little or no means to support himself.


Veracious Meaning | Veracious Mnemonic

Veracious Meaning


Synonyms: truthful, honest

Sentence: His veracious nature impressed some people but some felt offended by his words.

Under The Lens: Difference between Truthful, Veracious and Honest

Truthful and veracious are close synonyms which refer to the habitual tendency of telling the truth. Veracious is a more formal substitute of truthful. Also unlike truthful, veracious is usually not applied to particular instances of truth telling – a truthful (not veracious) statement.

Truthful and veracious just imply a habit of not lying he was veracious but unkind. But honest also refers to a nobility of character. Honest suggests not lying, stealing or cheating. It also suggests holding nothing back even when it is on one’s expense. Ex – He is honest and never lies to get out of trouble.


Ameliorate Mnemonic Dictionary Video | 5+ ameliorate sentences

Ameliorated Meaning



A beautiful film, a beautiful word.


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Mnemonic –Amelie orated make better


Word – Ameliorate


Meaning – make better


Part of Speech – verb


Synonym – improve, better, meliorate


Antonym – worsen, spoil, mar


Ameliorate Sentences

1   No medicine was able to ameliorate the condition of the patient.

2   The temple would donate thousands of blankets each winter in an attempt to ameliorate the condition of the poor.

3   Higher import duties will compound rather that ameliorate the problems of economic slowdown.

4   The soldier was dying of fatal wounds and he begged his officer to ameliorate his pain with a dose of morphine.

5   How can you hope to ameliorate your financial condition if you do not care to make any investments?


Ameliorated Sentence

1   Ameliorated by the surgery on his left eye, the old man could now see well.


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