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Abridge meaning

Abridge Mnemonic Dictionary Video | 5+ Abridge sentences

  Mnemonic Video   Mnemonic Dictionary   Mnemonic:- A bridge has managed to shorten the distance between Paris and the Mediterranean coast of France by 100 kms. A bridge has managed to reduce the travel time between Paris and the...
Meaning of Holocaust

Holocaust Meaning | Holocaust Mnemonic

  Synonyms: devastation, conflagration Holocaust Sentence: With the build-up of arsenal among the powerful nations, the prospect of a nuclear holocaust looms large. Under The Lens: The Holocaust Holocaust means great or complete destruction or devastation, especially by...
Dexterous, Adroit, Sinister and Gauche

The Upper Hand

refrain meaning

Refrain Meaning | Refrain Mnemonic

  Synonyms: abstain, forbear Refrain Sentence: She is trying to refrain from sex before marriage. Under The Lens: Difference between Abstain, Forbear and Refrain Abstain means to hold oneself back voluntarily, especially from something regarded as improper or...
video dictionary - hybrid

Hybrid Meaning | Hybrid Mnemonic

  Synonyms: mongrel, mixed breed Hybrid Sentence: The centaur, which is a hybrid of a man and a horse, is a creature in Greek mythology. Under The Lens: Hybrid word etymology A hybrid word is etymologically derived from...
gawk meaning

Gawk Meaning | Gawk Mnemonic

  Synonyms: gape, goggle Gawk Sentence: When his lie was caught, he gawked at his angry father. Under The Lens: Gawk - Noun Form While as a verb gawk means to stare stupidly, as a noun gawk refers...

Purge Meaning | Purge Mnemonic

  Synonyms: dispose, cleanse Purge Sentence: You will have to purge your guilt to forgive yourself and move forward in life.   Under The Lens: Purge Etymology Purge comes from Latin purus which means - clean, chaste and agere...
Abnegate meaning

Abnegate Mnemonic Dictionary Video | 5+ Abnegate sentences

  Tagline A man donates his blood for your cause   Mnemonic Video     Mnemonic Dictionary   Mnemonic - Give up his AB negative blood willingly   Word - Abnegate   Meaning - give up willingly   Part of Speech - verb   Synonyms - relinquish, renounce   Abnegate Sentences 1   The man decided...
Meaning of Ragamuffin

Ragamuffin Meaning | Ragamuffin Mnemonic

  Synonyms: tatterdemalion Ragamuffin Sentence: A ragamuffin was singing songs on the street and asking people for money.   Under The Lens: Ragamuffin Says Meow The Ragamuffin is a breed of domestic cat that first made its appearance in...
Cherubic meaning

Cherubic Mnemonic Dictionary Video | 5+ cherubic sentences

  Mnemonic Video   Mnemonic Dictionary   Mnemonic - Cheerful smile ruby cheeks, I c an angelic face   Word - cherubic   Meaning - angelic and childlike   Part of Speech - adjective   Synonyms - heavenly, childlike, cute, adorable   Antonyms - demonic, devilish   Cherubic sentences 1   His anger evaporated...

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