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Garish meaning

Garish Meaning | Garish Mnemonic

  Synonyms: flashy, gaudy Garish Sentence: The garish decoration of the sofa made everything else seem invisible in their drawing room. Under The Lens: Difference between Flashy, Gaudy and Garish These three words refer to things or behavior...
Nauseate meaning

Nauseate Meaning | Nauseate Mnemonic

  Synonyms: disgust, sicken Nauseate Sentence: She felt nauseated when she saw the butcher cut meat. Under The Lens: Nausea Etymology Nausea, from which the word nauseated is derived, is a feeling of sickness at the stomach, especially...

Four Words of Fighting

  Under The Lens: Difference between Scuffle and Tussle; Meddlesome and Nosy. Scuffle and Tussle are synonyms which as verbs mean to fight and as nouns are used to refer to a rough fight. The slight difference...

Rankle Meaning | Rankle Mnemonic

  Synonyms: annoy, irritate Rankle Sentence: The habit of her husband to smoke in the bathroom rankles her. Under The Lens: Rankle Etymology Rankle comes from draoncle which means pus forming sore. Draoncle itself comes from dracunculus (little...

Diabolical Mnemonic Dictionary Video | 5+ diabolical sentences

   Mnemonic Video     Mnemonic Dictionary   Mnemonic - Diana's ball i call devilish   Word - Diabolical   Meaning - devilish    Part of Speech - adjective   Synonyms - hellish, evil, demonic, infernal, wicked   Antonyms - heavenly, angelic   Diabolic sentences 1   Hell is the diabolic opposite of heaven. 2   A woman with many...

Culpable Mnemonic Dictionary Video | 5+ culpable sentences

  Mnemonic Video  Mnemonic Dictionary   Mnemonic - pizza gulpable but deserving blame for making one fat   Word - Culpable   Meaning - deserving blame   Part of Speech - adjective   Synonyms - guilty, liable, blameworthy   Antonyms - blameless, innocent, inculpable   Culpable Sentences 1   The industrial waste dumped...

Askew Mnemonic Dictionary Video | 5+ askew sentences

  Mnemonic Video     Mnemonic Dictionary   Mnemonic - a crooked screw   Word - askew   Meaning - crooked, slanted   Part of Speech - adjective   Synonyms - bent, awry, curved, twisted   Antonyms - straight, upright   Askew sentences 1   It was a great day until the heavy downpour...

Bevy Mnemonic Dictionary Video | 5+ bevy sentences

Tagline Do some bird watching as you improve your vocab.  Mnemonic Video   Mnemonic Dictionary   Mnemonic - One bird light. Group of birds heavy   Word - bevy   Meaning - A large group   Part of Speech - noun   Synonyms – flock, swarm, bunch   Antonyms - individual, one,...


  Synonyms: excess, surplus, surfeit Superfluous Sentence: After confirming your email id, the need to confirm your phone number too seems superfluous to me.   Under The Lens: Superficial and Superfluous Don't confuse superfluous with superficial. Superficial means shallow...

Evanescent Meaning

  Synonyms: momentary, fleeting Evanescent Sentence: They held each other's hand and stared at the evanescent sunset.     Under The Lens: Gone In Sixty Seconds Evanescent, fleeting and momentary are slightly different from other synonyms of temporary because they...