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Articles about the most famous kings and queens in history and about their major achievements.

Emperor Nero Facts Featured

Nero | 10 Facts About The Infamous Roman Emperor

  Born in 37 AD and reigning for more than 13 years from 54 AD till his death in 68 AD, Nero was a Roman Emperor who is infamous for his insane acts and the...
Charlemagne Facts Featured

Charlemagne | 10 Facts On The Great Holy Roman Emperor

  Charlemagne became King of the Franks in 768 and set about expanding his empire which, by the time of his death in 814, consisted most of Western Europe. He thus re-united Western Europe under...
Constantine The Great Facts Featured

10 Interesting Facts About Constantine The Great

  Constantine I, who came to be known as Constantine the Great, was a Roman Emperor at the beginning of the 4th century, who won several important battles to reunite the Roman Empire under one...
Thutmose III Facts Featured

Thutmose III | 10 Facts On Egypt’s Warrior Pharaoh

  Thutmose III was a pharaoh who reigned over ancient Egypt for nearly fifty four years and took its empire to unprecedented heights. Known as the Warrior King and the Napoleon of Egypt, Thutmose III...
Attila The Hun Facts Featured

10 Interesting Facts About Attila The Hun

  Attila was the ruler of the Huns who took their empire to unprecedented heights. He was a great military leader who led the Huns to several victories over the mighty Roman Empire. Such was...
Ramses II Facts Featured

Ramses II | 10 Facts About The Great Egyptian Pharaoh

  Ramses II, or Ramesses II, ruled Egypt during 13th century B.C. and is regarded by many as the most powerful pharaoh of the Egyptian Empire due to which he is also known as Ramses...
Mary 1 Facts Featured

Mary I | 10 Interesting Facts On Queen Bloody Mary

  Mary I was the first queen regnant in the history of England but she is more known for the hundreds of persecutions of Protestants that were carried out during her reign. She is condemned...
Robert The Bruce Facts Featured

Robert the Bruce | 10 Facts On The Famous Scottish King

  Robert the Bruce, also known as Robert I, led Scotland during the Wars of Scottish Independence against England. He was very successful in his campaigns against the English and was one of the most...
Qin Shi Huang Facts Featured

Qin Shi Huang | 10 Facts About The First Emperor of China

  Qin Shi Huang is famous for being the ruler responsible for the unification of China. He took the title of the first emperor of Qin dynasty and ruled China from 220 to 210 BC....
Akhenaton Facts Featured

Akhenaten | 10 Facts On Ancient Egypt’s Monotheist Pharaoh

  Akhenaten is one of the most famous pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. Also known as Amenhotep IV, he ruled over Egypt for seventeen years during fourteenth century BC. Here are 10 interesting facts about the...

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