7 Lomography Facts

Lomography Facts Featured

  When digital cameras took over in the 1990s, the fate of film photography seemed bleak but a freak chance resulted in a waning camera giving birth to a movement called Lomography. As it celebrates its twentieth anniversary on November 23, we take a look at 7 Lomography facts.   #1 Its name comes from … Read more

Biography of Andy Warhol Through 10 Interesting Facts

Andy Warhol Interesting Facts Featured

  Andy Warhol was a renowned American artist who was the leading figure of the Pop Art Movement that emerged in the 1950s and became the dominant art movement of the time. Warhol created some of the most famous masterpieces of the twentieth century including Marilyn Diptych, Campbell’s Soup Cans and Eight Elvises. Here are 10 … Read more

Batman | 10 Interesting Facts About The Dark Knight

Batman Facts Featured

  Batman is widely considered as one of the greatest comic characters of all time. In comics, The Dark Knight Returns is considered the greatest Batman series and it was chosen as one of the 10 best English language graphic novels ever. In television, the mid-1960s Batman television series became so popular that it has been … Read more