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Mnemonic – 

Archery ain’t common these days

It became outdated when guns were invented


Word – archaic



a) outdated

b) associated with an earlier time


Part of Speech – adjective


Synonyms – antediluvianancient, old, irrelevant, old fashioned, antiquated


Antonyms – new, modern, relevant


Archaic sentences

1   The archaic laws of the land were a stumbling block in the progress of its people.

2   The Abacus is archaic in the age of computers but it was undoubtedly an amazing yet simple machine.

3   The old cinema hall looked archaic in comparison to the multiplexes but how could I forget all the memories linked to the former.

4   Shakespearean was such a master in expressing of human emotions that his plays cannot be considered archaic even after so many centuries.

5   If you wish to open an antique shop it would be a good idea to design it in an archaic way.  

6   I find archaic architecture of houses better than the designs of modern architects.


Pious Meaning



Synonyms: religious, devout, sanctimonious, reverent

Pious Sentence: Although she believed in God, she refused to be pious and never followed the conventional religious ceremonies or rituals.


Under The Lens: God Fearing, Religious, Devout, Pious, Sanctimonious and Reverent

All these words are associated with following religion.

Religious is the most general of these words. It can be used to describe a wide variety of people from those who follow the minimum obligations of their faith to those who follow all religious rituals strictly. More generally it can be used to describe anything pertaining to religion. Ex – He loves to read religious literature.

Devout and pious refer specifically to following religious customs. While devout suggests that the person follows religious customs due to devotion, pious may suggest that he does it merely for a show. Ex – He is a true devout and not a pious fraud like his brother.

Although sanctimonious originally meant saintly or holy, with time its meaning has taken a negative tone. Unlike pious which can have a positive tone, sanctimonious is always used to refer to someone who makes a hypocritical show of religious devotion. Ex – He felt that it was better to be an atheist than being sanctimonious.

Reverent has a positive tone like devout. It literally means to be deeply respectful and in our context, it applies to someone who follows his religious beliefs sincerely. Ex – The reverent man set an example of how one should follow one’s faith.

Enigma Meaning

Synonyms : mystery, riddle, conundrum

Enigma Sentence : Is man ever going to solve the enigma of the universe.

Under The Lens : Puzzling: Difference between Enigma, Mystery, Riddle and Conundrum.

Generally all these words, along with more common words like puzzle and problem, can be applied to anything that confuses; or challenges your intellect.

Mystery is a novel, story, play or film whose plot involves events that remains unsettled until the very end. Broadly it refers to anything that is puzzling. More specifically it refers to something that is beyond human understanding. Ex – Understanding women is a mystery that no man has solved.

A riddle is a puzzling statement or question to be solved by applying one’s intellect. Riddle is similar to mystery in the general sense but it stresses on the idea of an eventual solution. Ex – I have watched the movie Inland Empire a couple of times but it is still a riddle to me.

Enigma is a dark saying, question or picture containing a hidden meaning. In the general sense it is a stronger word than the others and refers to an utterly difficult mystery. It might also suggest shades of darkness. Ex – Batman had become an enigma for the city of Gotham.

Conundrum is a riddle involving a pun or play of words. It is the most specific of these words and is never applied to a person. It usually refers to a problem which invites a lot of talk but whose solution is tricky. Ex – How to balance your time between earning and spending what you earn is a conundrum for many people.

Disparate Mnemonic Dictionary Video | 5+ disparate sentences

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Mnemonic – Dissimilar parrot pirates 


Word – Disparate


Meaning – fundamentally distinct or dissimilar


Part of Speech – adjective


Synonyms – different, contrasting, diverse, poles apart, divergent, distinct


Antonyms – similar, equal, like


Disparate sentences

1   It was difficult to choose between the two disparate but delicious dishes.

2   Two disparate yet equally brilliant films will be competing for the Oscars this year.

3   Critics rate Leonardo higher than Einstein because of his achievements in disparate fields.

4   Choose wisely for both your options have disparate advantages.

5   It is unwise to compare them because they were presidents during disparate times.

6   They are so disparate that they can never be friends.


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Cacophony Mnemonic Dictionary Video | 5+ cacophony sentences

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Caco calling on my phone

Y is he making a harsh, jarring, discordant sound


Word – cacophony


Meaning – Harsh, jarring, discordant sound


Part of Speech – noun


Synonyms – dissonance, discord


Antonyms – harmony, peacefulness


Cacophony sentences

1   An hour and a half drive amidst the cacophony of peak traffic was making him irritable.

2   The cacophony of various creatures deep within the jungle was sounding very creepy.

3   The crows, vultures among others had surrounded the dead buffalo and were creating a cacophony of calls.

4   The woman danced to the music amidst the cacophony of screams, whistles and cat calls.

5   The cacophony of the soccer game was made worse when thousands of spectators decided to play the vuvuzela.

6   As the day progressed in the city the air was filled with cacophony of horns and yelling.


Under the Lens: Cacophony Etymology

Let’s study a few roots to learn a few words. Kakos and eu are Greek roots for bad and good respectively while kallos is the Greek root for beauty. Phone is the root for sound and graphein means to write. So Cacophony is bad or harsh sound while euphony is good or melodious sound. And Cacography is bad handwriting while calligraphy is beautiful handwriting.

Now if we combine phone with graphein we get a phonograph which is a machine which records (writes) and reproduces sound.


Discordant Mnemonic Dictionary Video | 5+ discordant sentences

Meaning, synonyms, antonyms, sentences and more


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Mnemonic – dislocated cord makes aunt sound harsh or disagreeable to the ear


Word – Discordant


Meaning – disagreeable to the ear, harsh


Part of Speech – adjective


Synonyms – cacophonous, disagreeing, jarring, unmelodious, inharmonious, dissonant


Antonyms – concordant, harmonious, agreeable


Discordant sentences

1   Before thinking of any song it would be better that you tune your discordant guitars.

2   The discordant sounds of crows cawing woke me from my slumber.

3   His new ideas for kung fu sounded like a discordant note to the shaolin masters and he was expelled from the monastery.

4   A discordant relationship may not survive for long.

5   His views are discordant with the world and he would find it difficult to make friends.

6   The discordant sounds that came from his neighbor’s room made it very difficult for him to concentrate on his work.


Under the Lens: Extending the Meaning of Discordant

Discordant means disagreeable to the ear because the sounds are not in harmony. Discordant can also refer to other things that are not in agreement or are conflicting.

Ex – He experienced discordant emotions when he was given the man of the tournament award despite his team losing the final.


Morose Meaning

Synonyms : dour, gloomy, glum, sullen, sulky

Morose Sentence : He has been morose ever since his girlfriend left him.

Under The Lens : In a Bad Mood, Sullen, Glum, Morose, Sulky, Dour and Gloomy

Let’s take you as an example to describe the various disagreeable moods.

You are sullen if you are ill-humored and refuse to be sociable and responsive.

You are glum if you are dull and silent due to depressing circumstances or low spirits.

You are morose if you are sullen as well as bitter and harsh.

You are sulky if you add childish displeasure and discontent to sullenness.

You are dour if you give a superficial appearance of seriousness and bitterness.

Lastly you are gloomy if you are so depressed that you show no signs of cheerfulness and optimism.

We hope you were not offended because we took you as an example for this exercise. We sincerely wish you are in the best of spirits; just like the letters we wrote during childhood.

Insipid Meaning


 Synonyms :banal, vapid

Insipid Sentence : It is difficult to tolerate the insipid speech of certain politicians.


Under The Lens : Bored To Death, Difference between Insipid, Vapid and Banal

Insipid and vapid are derived from Latin words that refer to tasteless food. Apart from suggesting lack of flavor, they also suggest flatness or want of spirit. There is only a slight difference between the two words. While insipid is usually used to describe instances of expression or behavior, vapid usually describes a whole personality. Ex – The vapid entertainer made insipid remarks on society.

Banal differs from these two words as it suggests something is so common that it lacks freshness. Ex – His banal jokes bored the audience.

Enervate Mnemonic Dictionary Video | 5+ enervate sentences



A super-villian eats planets and helps you gobble a word


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Mnemonic – Galactus ate energy of the universe to weaken it.


Word – Enervate


Meaning – to weaken, to reduce in vitality


Part of Speech – verb


Synonyms – enfeeble, sap, weaken, jade, debilitate


Antonyms – energize, invigorate, liven, strengthen


Enervate Sentences

1   Heartbreak in love must not enervate your will to live for life is surely much more than that.

2   The medicine is effective against cancer but enervates the brain cells which may lead to other complications.

3   The humid climate would quickly enervate the soldiers body and they were advised to periodically sip energy fluids.

4   The enervating effects of a traumatic past had resulted in low self esteem and lack of confidence.

5   The thunderstorm had so enervated the ship’s crew that they were in no position to control the ship.

6   The attack at the World Trade Center had enervated the spirits of the global economy.


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Capricious Mnemonic Dictionary Video | 5+ capricious sentences


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Mnemonic – Capricorn’s various moods


Word – Capricious



a) given to sudden and unaccountable changes of mood or behavior

b) unpredictable


Part of Speech – adjective


Synonyms – changeable, erratic, chameleonic, whimsical


Antonyms – constant, steady


Capricious Sentences

1   He is having trouble adapting to the various moods of his capricious lover.

2   The capricious weather in England was playing spoilsport at Wimbledon.

3   My wife is a capricious woman and I’m not sure how will she react to this unexpected news.

4   Such is the capricious nature of fate that a prince may be a pauper one day or vice-versa.

5   Was it his capricious behavior that was affecting his relationships since women could only guess what he wanted?

6   The old sailor was acquainted with the capricious ways of the sea and his advice could not be taken lightly.


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