Noxious Meaning

Synonyms : harmful, injurious

Noxious Sentence : Stay away from the noxious fumes of that solution.

Under The Lens : Noxious and Obnoxious

Etymologically noxious is related to hurt and to slaughter. Don’t confuse it with obnoxious. Noxious means injurious to physical or mental health while obnoxious means very offensive or objectionable. Ex – Noxious snakes were killing everyone in that obnoxious film.

Sentence: Stay away from the noxious fumes of that solution.

Dearth Mnemonic Dictionary Video | 5+ dearth sentences

Mnemonic Video

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Mnemonic – death due to scarcity of food on earth


Word – Dearth



a) smallness of quantity or number

b) scarcity


Part of Speech – noun


Synonyms – insufficiency, deficiency, inadequacy, shortage, lack


Antonyms – sufficiency, excess, abundance


Dearth sentences

1   The dearth of drinking water in desert areas has always made life difficult for the dwellers.

2   There is a dearth of scientific research in certain fields due to lack of funding.

3   Despite being a software hub there is dearth of path breaking work in the field of software development in India.

4   The dearth of data meant that the probability of an accurate prediction was low.

5   How can we call this city developed when it still dealing with its dearth of power.

6   There is dearth of talent in this talent show.


Avarice Mnemonic Dictionary Video | 5+ avarice sentences | Avarice Vs Greed



Mnemonic Video


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Mnemonic – Ava eats rice greedily


Word – Avarice


Meaning – Greed esp. for wealth


Part of Speech – noun


Synonyms – avidity, covetousness


Antonyms – generosity, philanthropy


Avarice Sentences

1   The problem with a capitalist world is that its primary motivations are based on the avarice of an individual.

2   Game of Thrones is based on the political ambitions and avarice of the rich and mighty.

3   How do you aim to satisfy the avarice of a conqueror that is not willing to stop until the whole world is at his feet?

4   People say she married him not because of love but due to avarice.


Avaricious Sentences

1   Gollum is an avaricious creature created by Tolkien whose lust for ‘The Ring’ is legendary.

2   Moll Flanders can be termed as an avaricious woman who sees everything in terms of money.


Under the Lens: Difference between Avarice and Greed

Greed is an informal word. Although greed can suggest an unreasonable desire for wealth, possessions and other things, it is more often used to express an excessive desire for food.

Avarice is a more formal word. It is also a stronger word as it suggests an extreme desire. Avarice is always associated with money and possessions. So don’t call your sibling avaricious if he/she is snatching chocolate from you.