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Noxious Meaning

Synonyms : harmful, injurious Noxious Sentence : Stay away from the noxious fumes of that solution. Under The Lens : Noxious and Obnoxious Etymologically noxious is related to hurt and to slaughter. Don't confuse it with obnoxious. Noxious means injurious...

About Rak

  This video will help you learn a few words starting with Rak.     Words to learn in this video: Rake, Raki, Rakish, Rakehell, Licentious.

Dearth Mnemonic Dictionary Video | 5+ dearth sentences

Mnemonic Video Mnemonic Dictionary   Mnemonic - death due to scarcity of food on earth   Word - Dearth   Meaning a) smallness of quantity or number b) scarcity   Part of Speech - noun   Synonyms - insufficiency, deficiency, inadequacy, shortage, lack   Antonyms - sufficiency, excess, abundance   Dearth...

Avarice Mnemonic Dictionary Video | 5+ avarice sentences | Avarice Vs Greed

     Mnemonic Video   Mnemonic Dictionary   Mnemonic - Ava eats rice greedily   Word - Avarice   Meaning - Greed esp. for wealth   Part of Speech - noun   Synonyms – avidity, covetousness   Antonyms – generosity, philanthropy   Avarice Sentences 1   The problem with a capitalist world is that its primary motivations are...

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