Fanny Blankers-Koen – The Flying Housewife

Fanny Blankers-Koen Featured

  Born: 26 April 1918 Died: 25 January 2004 Country: Netherlands Koen couldn’t compete in the Olympics at the age when most track and field athletes do. The world war prevented many great athletes like her from showcasing their talent to the world. When the Summer Olympics were held in 1948, Koen was already thirty … Read more

Teofilo Stevenson – Money Can’t Buy Me Love

Teofilo Stevenson Featured

  Born: 29 March 1952 Died: 11 June 2012 Country: Cuba After winning gold medal in the Olympic heavyweight division, Cassius Clay (1960), Joe Frazier (1964) and George Foreman (1968) became famous professional boxers. It was believed that Olympic Gold in that division was a guaranteed route to fame and fortune. It seemed before the … Read more

Usain Bolt – The Fastest Man On Earth

Usain Bolt Facts Featured

  Born: 21 August 1986 Country: Jamaica Anyone who saw the 100m final at the Beijing Olympics 2008 will always have that picture of Bolt celebrating before finishing the race and yet winning by such a vast margin, engraved in his mind forever. You run out of adjectives to describe Usain Bolt. Here are 5 … Read more

Carl Lewis – Sportsman Of The Century

Carl Lewis Olympics Featured

  Born: 1 July 1961 Country: U.S.A At the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics Carl Lewis was attempting to do what no man had done since Jesse Owens – win a gold medal in 100m, 200m, 4X100m relay and the long jump. He turned down an endorsement deal with Coca-Cola waiting for bigger offers after the … Read more

Wilma Rudolph – The Tennessee Tornado

Wilma Rudolph Facts Featured Image

  Wilma Rudolph’s rise to become an Olympic champion is one of the most marvelous exploits in the history of sports. It remains and will remain in years to come a source of inspiration for not only athletes but for anyone aspiring to achieve excellence. Here are 10 interesting facts about this African American athlete … Read more

Larisa Latynina – Queen Of Gymnastics

Larisa Latynina Olympics Featured

  Born: December 23, 1934 Country: Soviet Union By the time the world war ended in 1945, Larisa had lost both her parents. She was 11 years old and aspiring to be a ballet dancer. Standard ballet training at that time involved exercises with hoops and balls. Larisa proved so talented in them that her … Read more

Mark Spitz – Mark The Shark

Mark Spitz Olympics Featured

  Born: 10 February 1950 Country: U.S.A Eighteen years old and holder of ten world records, Mark Spitz proclaimed before the 1968 Summer Olympics that he was going to win six gold medals. Mark failed to win a single individual race. Although he won two team gold medals he knew he had underperformed. At the … Read more