Tappy Witch | Free Tapping Game For Mobile Phones

Tappy Witch | Free Tapping Game For Mobile Phones


Zi Chi witch in the game Tappy Witch

Type: FREE Tapping Game for Android

Category: Action & Casual

Development: Swati Rawat

Graphic Design and Development: Arun Rawat

Available On: Android Market

Rating: 4.5 by 38 Users

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Everyone Is Invited To Creepville

This Halloween visit Creeepville and get introduced to its spell casting witches on brooms, magical secrets, spooky characters and more by downloading for free the exciting game Tappy Witch. The flying sorceress has to go in between obstacles in this endless flyer game. It has three levels making it fun for all types of gamers.

Tappy Witch game levels

The various levels of Tappy Witch game


Tappy Witch Spider

A spooky creature in Tappy Witch

So you are new to tapping games? Probably haven’t given them a try because they don’t seem fun to you. The NORMAL Level of Tappy Witch will hook you on with well-designed obstacles, magic spells, cool secrets to unlock, brilliant graphic art, five beautiful witches each with her own special powers, spooky characters and most importantly just the right kind of difficulty to make it doable but challenging for a novice.

So you are good at Flappy Bird and think you have mastered tapping games. Tappy Witch will bring you back to ground. The PRO Level of the game has the most challenging gameplay that you must have ever encountered in a tapping game. Making a decent score in it will give you such a high that you will look for someone to brag about it. Never mind if no one is near, for the game allows you to share your scores on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

So you want a fun game for your kid? The KID Level of Tappy Witch will be loved by kids with its cool effects and characters like Dracula and Grim Reaper. It is easy to play for a kid but requires a bit of concentration.


The Five Witches

  • American Sorceress Roxanne
  • Indian Sorceress Tvisha
  • Middle Eastern Sorceress Saira
  • African Sorceress Sareena
  • Chinese Sorceress ZiChi


5 Witches of Tappy Witch

The 5 Witches of Tappy Witch


Their Five Spells

  • Divergent
  • Rejuvenate
  • Slow Mo
  • Shadow
  • Miniature


Tappy Witch Secrets and Challenges

Tappy Witch Secrets and Challenges



  • Five Witches and each can cast a spell
  • Three Levels: Kid, Adult, Pro
  • User Friendly UI
  • Best Scores stored for each witch and each level
  • Social Sharing
  • Many hidden secrets
  • Grim Reaper, Dracula and many other spooky characters
  • Thoroughly tested