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Mnemonic - Tire made in China gives a long speech of angry criticism against overloading in Indian trucks.


Word - Tirade


Meaning - a long speech of angry criticism


Part of Speech - noun


Synonyms - abuse, outburst, diatribe, harangue


Antonyms - peace, calm


Tirade sentences

1   How ironical; a blog with a tirade against bloggers and blogging.

2   As youngsters we were not interested in the tirades against a rotting world but we now realize the truth behind what our teachers felt.

3   A tirade of hate against a minority community is a popular way of winning votes by politicians.

4   In a recent tirade by a terrorist organisation they talked about the negative impact of western culture on their religion.

5   The furious tirades against the new tax laws forced the government to issue a rollback.



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