Do not transgress the Learnodo’s law – learn your words

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Mnemonic - transport this tigress and you violate the law of this land


Word - transgress



a) violate the law

b) sin


Part of Speech - verb


Synonyms - disobey, breach, disregard, contravene


Antonyms - obey, regard


Transgress sentences

1   "It is out of goodwill that I warn you not to transgress in any way" the Sheriff said, casually keeping his hands on his pistol.

2   He knew that by crossing the border he would transgress his order and be a felon.


Transgressed sentence

Adam was tempted and transgressed his direct command not to eat of the tree of the knowledge.


Transgressing sentences

1   He was only transgressing the law by a few miles per hour but the officer did not hesitate to give him the ticket.

2   By smoking in public she was transgressing the boundaries of accepted female behavior.



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