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Mnemonic - Vegetables live in a dull, unchallenged way


Word - Vegetate


Meaning - to live in a dull, unchallenged way


Part of Speech - verb


Synonyms - decay, deteriorate, stagnate 


Antonyms - activate, labor, work


Vegetate sentences

1   How can you just vegetate on the couch all day long.

2   By following the same routine for years your thoughts vegetate and you may not think of anything new.

3   The choice is yours; to spend some quality time with family or vegetate in-front of the television?

4   How can you let a beautiful mind like yours vegetate in this dull job; please do not let go of your passion for painting.


Vegetated sentences

1   It is sad to see a young man with potential living a vegetated life.

2   Playing computer games may make you feel active but with time your body declines to a vegetated state.



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