A story of word very similar to the truth


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Mnemonic - Very similar to the truth or having the appearance of truth


Word - verisimilar


Meaning - having the appearance of truth


Part of Speech - adjective


Synonyms - probable, likely


Antonyms - improbable, unlikely


Verisimilar sentences

1   It is a challenge to write verisimilar fiction considering that it requires a lot of research.

2   Science has exposed many traditions based on verisimilar lies but that may not mean people will stop following them.

3   We make up verisimilar lies to fool the interview panel because we know that they will not attempt to understand our problems.

4   He planned to hijack the personality of a dead man and create a verisimilar past to make it believable.

5   The novel reconstructs a lost Caribbean history through the fictional recreation of a verisimilar life.



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