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Mnemonic - very very high spirit or enthusiasm


Word - verve



a) high spirit or enthusiasm

b) liveliness


Part of Speech - noun


Synonyms - gusto, zeal, ardor, drive


Antonyms - coldness, dullness


Verve sentences

1   He could feel the verve of the new years eve as he walked the street.

2   The attacking verve shown by the strikers throughout the game was a delight to watch.

3   The novel starts with great verve but the energy fades halfway through until the final few pages.

4   Heath Ledger performs the Joker with great verve and punch in the new Batman movie.

5   Hitler's had the ability to deliver speeches with remarkable verve, which was one of the reasons behind his following in Germany.

6   No one was expecting the stock market to recover with such verve after the disappointments over the past months.



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