Vignette Meaning


Vignette Synonyms: sketch, picture

Vignette Sentence: The woman drawn in the vignette seemed lost in thought.

Under The Lens: Various Meanings of Vignette

Vignette is a decorative design or small illustration used on the title page of a book or at the beginning or end of a chapter. It may also refer to any small picture or view. This you have learned in the video. Apart from these two meanings vignette can also refer to a few other things.

Vignette may refer to an un-bordered picture, often a portrait, that shades off into the surrounding color at the edges.

Vignette is also a decorative design representing branches, leaves, grapes, or the like, as in a manuscript.

A vignette is also a short graceful literary essay or sketch.

As a verb vignette means to finish in a fading border in the form of a vignette. So those were the various meanings of vignette.



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