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Mnemonic - Vit. U operates in a negative way making you verbally abusive and scolding

Note - Vit. is short for vitamin. Obviously there is no such vitamin.


Word - vituperative


Meaning - verbally abusive and scolding


Part of Speech - adjective


Synonyms - censorious, castigating, defamatory, scolding


Antonyms - praising, commending


Vituperative sentences

1   His father put him in house detention for using vituperative language with other kids.

2   The vituperative view of critics and fans on sportsmen is difficult to understand because a game is a game at the end of the day.

3   The vituperative attitude of the society on inter-caste and inter-religion marriages in India is proof that they are still far from being developed.

4   The lead character's vituperative ways were appreciated by the audience.

5   We have seen you being vituperative time and time again when there is any mention of your father.


Vituperation sentence

1   Harry Potter was at the receiving end of much vituperation from the Dudley's.



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