Woody Allen on being kidnapped


Woody Allen at the Oscars
Woody Allen at the Oscars

When I was kidnapped, my parents snapped into action. They rented out my room.

Woody Allen

In Focus – Woody Allen at the Oscars

Although Woody Allen has majorly ignored the Oscar ceremonies and refused to acknowledge his Oscar wins, the Academy has nominated him 23 times. Fifteen of those nominations have come for screenwriting, seven for direction and one as an actor. His 15 screenwriting nominations are the most by any writer, all coming in the ‘best original screenplay’ category.

Allen has won four Academy Awards:

Three Best Original Screenplays

1) Annie Hall (1978, shared with Marshall Brickman)

2) Hannah and Her Sisters (1987)

3) Midnight in Paris (2011)

One for Best Director

1) Annie Hall (1978)

His films Annie Hall(1978)  and Hannah and Her Sisters(1987) have won 4 and 3 Oscars respectively.



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