10 Most Famous Myths Featuring The Norse God Odin

Odin Myths Featured

The Norse stories and myths originate from the Germanic polytheistic people that inhabited areas in and around Scandinavia. This was before the gradual Christianization of their lands by 15 century CE. The Norse cosmology talked about nine realms inhabited by the Gods, humans, jötunn and dwarfs among various other creatures. Most of the surviving Norse … Read more

10 Most Famous Norse Myths Featuring Thor

Thor Myths Featured

The Norse refers to the North Germanic people that lived in Scandinavia and nearby areas before the Christianization of their lands in 8-12 Century CE. The Norse polytheistic religion talks about an immense and sacred tree (Yggdrasil) at the center of the cosmos, around which exist all of creation including the 9 coexistent realms. The … Read more