15 Degrees Off Your Heart | Short Stories With Twist Endings

15 Degrees Off Your Heart CoverType: Short Story Collection

Category: Fiction / Anthology

Author: Arun Rawat

Cover Design: Arun Rawat

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A Special Collection Of Stories From A Twisted Storyteller


With his incursion into story writing, Arun brings along his unmatched skills as a twisted educator. So in 15 degrees off… an unexpected journey awaits you, fraught with unpredictable twist endings to bemuse and bedazzle. Walk slow and travel along its untrodden roads and you are sure to stumble upon a part of yourself. Don’t they say … the greatest journeys are those that lead to discovering oneself?

The rather off beat title is a reflection into the stories and some of them will remain with you forever. Like the classic noir opener Crimeborg 2.0, which deals with a FBI secret I dare not talk about. Another of my favorite ‘The Burden‘ is a heartwarming story of two brothers and their relationship with a father they have never actually met.

The author writes with compelling style and verve, flirting with various techniques. Like the story of a little boy waiting anxiously for his father; ‘Silent Hopes’ makes use of the flashback to create mystery. The dark secret of an internet romance; ‘The day of the fools’ features internet chats. ‘Broken Wings’ uses poetry to good affect and clearly has the best poetic verse in the book, while ‘One night at Drukkers’ explores the supernatural.

Most of the stories are based in and around Mussoorie, the author’s hometown among the Himalayan ranges. Perhaps the reason why they bring along the chill and mystique associated with the old hill stations set up by the British. Evening Shadow for example is among the many guilt stories in the book. Set among the misty hills, it deals with a man on verge of a breakdown on being left by his beloved wife.

While some stories are among the best mystery short stories I’ve read recently, the book has a good emotional quotient. ‘Reincarnation’ deals with eternal love and a man who refuses to let go of his past. While the love stories are deep and melancholy best described as sad romantic, shades of guilt and shame are overlaid with hope and inspiration giving an overall good feel. One may say there are enough tear jerkers for serious readers with delicate hearts.

Considering the diverse nature, ’15 Degrees off’ do not look like short stories from a single author, a fact that must be commended. What binds them beautifully though is the proverbial twist in the tales. The anthology checks all the boxes in the same, their varied nature making the experience that much more valuable.

The author impresses with his new release and gives his readers fifteen beautifully knit interesting short stories that leaves you hungry for more.


What 15 Degrees Says

We are the stories in this book of tales,
With human emotions of various shades.

Of magnificent love with all its pain,
Guilt that may drive a man insane.
Some pranks that go horribly wrong,
And supernatural elements to go along.

The burden of a secret dark,
A memory that has left its mark.
A state secret we may not know.
And a man who refuses to let go,

All diverse and with a twist in the tale,
Make a book that you will never part.
For the best of us will always remain,
Just 15 degrees off your heart.

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