Arun Rawat
Arun Rawat


Arun was born in the foothills of Himalayas in the fading years of the last century. His life took an unexpected turn when at the age of 16 he started to lose enthusiasm in his studies. Over the years Arun completed his bachelors degree in science and masters degree in English. During this time he realized what had gone wrong all those years ago, with the beginning of the rat race the focus had shifted; from acquiring knowledge to getting marks, from honing one’s skills to money and that had taken the magic out of everything.

“Magical Potion for Perfect History” written at the age of 25 was perhaps a child of a rebellion within. A book targeted at the high school students, it was an attempt to make learning a simple and enjoyable experience. A small step then now takes a giant leap with Learnodo Newtonic. The aim to keep learning simple, fun, exciting, stupid, intelligent and everything we think it ought to be. And always keeping in mind that our quest is sharing knowledge.

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