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Mnemonic - Accurate mental understanding is key for quick and accurate knowledge or insight


Word - Acumen



a) quick,keen and accurate knowledge or insight

b) the ability to judge well


Part of Speech - noun


Synonyms - awareness, acuteness, ingenuity, shrewdness, sharpness


Antonyms - ignorance, stupidity, ineptness


Acumen sentences

1   It sounds really funny when you call the talent of fooling the public as keen business acumen.

2   The acumen of Master Yoda will guide you in your path of becoming a jedi knight.

3   The puzzle will not just test of your strength but also your acumen.

4   Known for his acumen he was appointed CEO of the company to take it forward in a highly competitive market.

5   Do not take my old age for the parameter of my acumen, or this world would be full of wise old men.



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