As Busy As A Bee


All parents of the 80s and 90s wanted their child to become a doctor or an engineer. Since you are inclined to learn something if you opt for medical sciences most people decided to take the latter option. As a result every second person in India is a qualified engineer. Qualified as in he has spent quality time in 4 years of college.

Engineers like to keep themselves busy so most of them are busy sleeping or busy playing computer games or busy watching Friends while someone else who is busy drawing portraits of teachers in class is answering attendance for them or putting proxy as it is popularly known. They are so engrossed in these activities that along with their minor specialization they do a major specialization in their field of interest. I mean Masters in World of Warcraft along with Bachelors in Instrumentation or Masters in Sitcoms along with Bachelors in Computer Science.

Sometimes they find it difficult to handle their dual degree like one of my friends who was doing Masters in Hibernation. He was usually late for class and when the teacher asked, “Why are you so late?”. He used to declare in his semi trance state, “I was sleeping.” After all attending classes was a nuisance which didn’t let him concentrate on his primary objective.

Another friend of mine with Masters in General Knowledge used to always keep me well informed about the chachas and mamas of various girls in college. He had the bio-data of every possible girl in college with details ranging from their tau’s profession to the color of the underwear they preferred to wear.

As busy as a beeMost engineers however do their Masters in Yakety Yak. Any time of the day you can see them sitting at the local chai ki dukan and discussing about girls, movies, IPL or the class teachers. They never take a break and they never run out of topics. They are so rich with the ample amount of silver that speech provides them that they care a damn about the golden silence.

As far as their free time is considered engineers make sure that they use it wisely. So whenever they want to take a break from their field of specialization they make sure that they are in a bar or playing cards in hostel along with a glass filled with whiskey. They make sure that they drink whenever they are happy and whenever they are sad and whenever they are neither happy nor sad. They drink everyday and twice on Sundays. They drink when they fall in love and they drink when their love is rejected and they drink when they fall in love again!

Once as our exams were approaching I inquired from one of my friends whether I could come to his room to discuss some topics of a particular subject. He replied, “I am watching How I Met Your Mother and after that I have to kill Di Ablo .In the evening I will be at Little Chef as usual and at night I have to attend Saurab’s party. So let’s do it sometime tomorrow.” Sometimes I can be so thick. Of course all engineers don’t have any spare time. They are as busy as a bee.

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