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Mnemonic - end horse racing - he publicly approve or supports the statement


Word - endorse



a) publicly approve or support

b) recommend


Part of Speech - verb


Synonyms - attest, approve, advocate, certify, commend


Antonyms - disapprove, reject, censure


Endorse sentences

1   I do not endorse your view that the world will end on 23rd December 2012.

2   How may we raise responsible citizens if we endorse the insensitive behavior of our children.

3   The author of the book was forced to make a few changes in the book because the publishers did not endorse some of his ideas.

4   I will never endorse your substandard products to my fans for any amount of money.


Endorsement sentence

1   Most of the money earned by celebrities are not through their work but through endorsements.


Endorsed sentence

1   The new policy of social welfare is endorsed by the prime minister himself.



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