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Mnemonic - Lady eel rough, gent eel well bred and elegant


Word - Genteel


Meaning - well bred and elegant


Part of Speech - adjective


Synonyms - courteous, graceful, civil, well-mannered, refined, sophisticated


Antonyms - rough, rugged, unsophisticated, callous


Genteel sentences

1   The genteel elegance of the queen was in contrast to the rough and loud king.

2   He was a rich man now but the genteel atmosphere of the party still made him uncomfortable.

3   Though they are not rich, they are genteel and they never looked out of place in the gathering.

4   His genteel manners were responsible in making him win over many customers and making his business flourish.

5   The genteel, young lady had many suitors to choose from.

6   Just because he is genteel you shouldn't assume that he has not seen hard times in his life.


Genteelness sentence

1   He wanted his son to be in a school which bred genteelness.



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