Madeline de Jesus and her twin: 1984 Olympics Controversy


Madeline de Jesus was a track and field athlete from Puerto Rico. At the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics Games, Madeline injured her hamstring during the long jump event and she was not in a position to run in the qualifying round of the 4X400 metres relay. Her identical twin sister Margaret, who was also an athlete, was present in Los Angeles as a spectator. So Madeline asked Margaret to pretend to be her and enlisted her as an imposter in the 4X400 metres heat.

Without anyone finding out, Margaret ran the second leg of the relay and the Puerto Rican team advanced to the second round. However before the finals, the chief coach of the Puerto Rican team came to know about what had happened and he was furious. He revealed the hoax and pulled his team out of the finals of the event.

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