What is Clinomania or Dysania? How is it related to depression?


What is Clinomania?

Clin is the Latin root for bed and mania as you all know means madness. So clinomania is desire to stay in bed to the point where you might term it as madness. Dysania is a synonym of clinomania and the words are used interchangeably.

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Cats are known for their propensity towards clinomania

Just like a workaholic or ergomaniac is obsessed with work, a dysaniac is obsessed with sleep. He hates and sometimes fears getting out of bed. He may sleep all day and still feel drowsy. While to live healthy you are recommended 7-8 hours of sleep, a clinomaniac far exceeds that limit. People with this condition are termed lazy and often they don’t know that they are suffering from a psychological problem. Like most manias, dysania can be addressed and cured with the help of a psychologist.

Now that you know what clinomania is, let’s see how it is related to depression.

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How is clinomania related to depression?

Clinomania often stems from a lack of motivation or drive to do anything which might happen when one is depressed. Although depression and dysania might be co-related, they are mutually exclusive in the sense that a person can suffer from both at the same time. Studies show that sufferers of clinomania are not always depressed but a person who is depressed often suffers from clinomania too.

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  1. For years I have the same problem of just not getting enough sleep. And suddenly found out my low energy levels and sleep-mania, is because of a low HB (haemoglobin) count. I only have half the blood of a normal person in my body. So it’s not always exercise or depression that is the problem, but also the bodies’ inability to produce enough red blood cells.

    • Doctors subscribed extra iron tablets but the only thing that really helps is getting extra blood. I know how Lance Armstrong must have felt every-time after a blood transfusion. New blood really gives you wings.

  2. I am so afraid of this. I can sleep 8-9 hours then go back to sleep for 8 more. And still feel weakness and dizzy. I mean I just want to be an energetic person to do my ADLs


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