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A man donates his blood for your cause


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Mnemonic – Give up his AB negative blood willingly


Word – Abnegate


Meaning – give up willingly


Part of Speech – verb


Synonyms – relinquish, renounce


Abnegate Sentences

1   The man decided to abnegate the habit of smoking after the birth of his daughter.

2   No strict law does not mean that we just abnegate responsibility for what we put up on the internet.

3   The CEO decided to abnegate his responsibilities to his subordinates.


Abnegated Sentence

1   It seems that we have long abnegated our responsibility towards the environment.

2   He had long abnegated his claim for the throne but fate would one day make him the king.


Abnegation Sentence

1   The abnegation of his property to the trust was not a decision that was supported by his wife and she challenged it in court.


Under the Lens – Other Meaning of Abnegate

Apart from meaning ‘to give up’ or ‘renounce’, abnegate also means ‘to deny oneself pleasures, conveniences etc’.

Ex Ever since he could feel the suffering of the poor people, he started practicing abnegation.


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