Beautiful Vs Gorgeous | Difference Between The Two Words


Men often use these two words to describe women without exactly knowing the difference between them. So understand the usage of beautiful and gorgeous so you have the right word for the right moment.

Beautiful Gorgeous


Possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc. by delighting the senses or mind. Strikingly splendid or magnificent in appearance, colouring etc.


Beautiful is etymologically related to “physical attractiveness“, “goodness, courtesy” and “seductiveness“. Gorgeous is etymologically related to “splendour, showiness” and “elegance, fashion“.

Modern Usage

Beautiful indicates an extremely attractive face, suggesting symmetry of features or perfection of proportion, although ultimately the word is dependent on the subjective taste of the user. Apart from attractive physical appearance, it might also suggest nobility and elegance.  Although gorgeous is used interchangeably with beautiful, it more aptly describes someone who is strikingly splendid, fashionable, sumptuous or magnificent in appearance. So call someone gorgeous when you can relate his/her appearance with fashion, style, magnificence etc.


It amazes me how she manages to look so beautiful even while doing routine household chores. She looked so gorgeous in the dress she was wearing that people found it difficult to take their eyes off her

Also Means

  • wonderful; very pleasing or satisfying; It’s a beautiful day
  • excellent of its kind; The chef served us a beautiful roast of beef.
  • extremely good, enjoyable, or pleasant. Ex – I had a gorgeous time.



Beautiful, unlike gorgeous, is not restricted to describing appearance and can be used to describe other qualities. Also, unlike gorgeous, it is most often used to describe a woman and is rarely used for a man.

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