Difference between synonyms of Different

difference bettween similar words

  Difference between synonyms of Different different vs diverse vs divergent vs distinct vs dissimilar vs disparate   Different is opposite of alike and thus it applies to things that are not alike. It stresses on individuality. Ex – The crime was witnessed by five different people. Diverse indicates an easily seen difference between the things being referred … Read more

Words denoting deficiency or non-existence, absence, dearth, lack, scarcity and shortage.

difference bettween similar words

  Dearth is closer in meaning to lack and scarcity. These words can mean total or partial insufficiency. Usually an adjective is used with them to express total deficiency. Ex – You display a complete lack of manners. Absence is opposite of presence and thus it always means complete lack. Ex – There is absence of bread in this store. … Read more

Difference between Complex, Complicated, Convoluted and Intricate

difference bettween similar words

  These adjectives refer to something having interconnected parts which make the whole thing difficult to follow. Complex suggests a combination of many associated parts. Ex – They had made such a complex system that it was difficult to submit a simple form. Commonly used with system, structure, mixture, relationship, issue Complicated stresses elaborate relationship between the parts. … Read more

Censure vs Reprimand vs Reproach vs Admonish vs Reprove vs Rebuke

censure vs reprimand vs...

  Words of Criticism Censure and reprimand indicate formal criticism, usually public or official. Reprimand indicates direct confrontation. Ex – The policeman reprimanded the offender. Censure may be direct or indirect. Ex – The newspaper censured the politician. Reproach expresses disapproval that arises from one’s feeling being hurt from someone’s inconsideration, neglect etc. Ex – She reproached him for forgetting her … Read more

Changing Colors, Changeable, Erratic, Chameleonic, Capricious and Whimsical.

difference bettween similar words

  Changeable and erratic are general terms and can apply to anything. Changeable describes the ability of a thing to change and is neutral in tone. Erratic is negative in tone and points to uneven or arbitrary reasons for change. Chameleonic, capricious and whimsical are exclusively used to describe human characteristics. Chameleonic is closer to … Read more

Tortuous vs Torturous

  Tortuous and torturous have entirely different meaning but still the words are often confused with each other. Here we discuss them in detail so that you don’t make a mistake when you use them.  TORTUOUS TORTUROUS Meaning  full of twists, turns, or bends; not direct or straightforward, complicated, intricate involving or causing pain or … Read more

Elegy vs Eulogy

Elegy vs Eulogy

  Elegy and eulogy have entirely different meanings but still the words are often confused with each other. Here we discuss them in detail so that you don’t make a mistake when you use them.   ELEGY EULOGY Meaning A mournful poem or couplet (a pair of successive lines of verse that rhyme and are … Read more