Difference between synonyms of Different


Difference between synonyms of Different

different vs diverse vs divergent vs distinct vs dissimilar vs disparate


Different is opposite of alike and thus it applies to things that are not alike. It stresses on individuality.

Ex – The crime was witnessed by five different people.

Diverse indicates an easily seen difference between the things being referred to.

Ex – He is a man of diverse interests.

Divergent suggests that the things are diverging, that is, going in different directions. Thus it indicates a difference which will only increase with time.

Ex – As they lived apart their hobbies became divergent.

Distinct suggests different identity, although the things might be similar in other ways.

Ex – I can easily recognize the distinct smell of those flowers.

Dissimilar is opposite of similar and thus it stresses on absence of similarity.

Ex – How can you confuse between such dissimilar watches.

Disparate stresses absence of any relationship between the things being compared.

Ex – While some people say that people are similar, others say that people are disparate.


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