How To Learn The Periodic Table Easily


The purpose of the periodic table is to group similar elements together and learning the periodic table from first to last element in one mnemonic defeats that purpose. So we have made mnemonics for different parts of the periodic table so that you remember similar elements together.

Birds of a feather flock together!

If I borrowed money from someone in college, it was easy for him to locate me. We were a group of six people and we were always together; whether we were smoking or drinking or smoking and drinking at the same time. Anyways the point is that locating me was easy because I was always with the same group of people.

Humans love grouping similar things together, whether it is the cupboard, the shoe rack or the makeup box. All these things make locating our belongings simpler. Our brain too finds it easier to learn things if they are grouped together as it is easier for it to locate them just like it was easier for Chaithon, whose money I was not returning, to locate me.

How to learn the periodic table easily? That is the question???

To help you learn the periodic table we have done something similar. We have presented the periodic table as a newspaper and all the mnemonics we have made are news articles. To simplify things further we have made sections in the newspaper so you can exactly remember which mnemonic stands for what. For example we have made the entertainment section for the lanthanide and actinide series so it becomes simpler for your brain to create a sub group for them.

Periodic Table Tamed!

We have divided the Periodic Table into three videos. The first one gives an introduction while the second and third cover mnemonics which help you learn the periodic table easily. If you are the impatient kind, we have also made a fast forwarded video which helps you glance at the mnemonics quickly. But we recommend that you watch the other videos for forming better memory connections.

So what are you waiting for? Get your copy of the Periodic Times.

Advantages of learning the periodic table

It helps in understanding and remembering the physical and chemical properties of elements and their compounds more easily and systematically.

Properties can be predicted based on the position of the element.

It becomes easy to compare and contrast the relationship among elements.

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