Your manumission from a limited vocabulary


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Mnemonic - AB Lincoln - man on mission to free the people from slavery or bondage


Word - manumission


Meaning - to free from slavery or bondage


Part of Speech - noun


Synonyms - release, liberation, emancipation


Manumission sentences

1   Most owners would never think of manumission because humans have always had a lust to rule someone.

2   After 80 years as a slave John requested his master for a manumission for he wanted to die a free man.

3   By unknowingly gifting a sock to his house elf Lucius Malfoy performed an unwilling manumission. (inspired by JK Rowling's Harry Potter)

4   The manumission of the slaves was an eye wash, the reason behind the act of kindness was a huge business loss.

5   After his manumission Django joined hands with a bounty hunter and began the search for his wife.



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