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Mayan Calendar Featured

The Relevance of December 2012 In The Mayan Calendar

  The ancient Maya Civilization is believed to have established, prospered and declined between 2000 BC and 950 AD around present day Central America and Mexico. Among other things the Mayans invented calendars of remarkable accuracy and complexity. But...
Kryptos Cipher Featured Image

Kryptos Cipher

  Introduction In the late 1980's, the CIA base in Langley, Virginia were looking for an artist to decorate their new building. Applications were invited from artists for the $ 250,000 commission along with the expressed...
All You Zombies Paradox Featured

All You Zombies Paradox | Robert Heinlein

  The most twisted time travel paradox was arguably imagined by Robert Heinlein in his classic short story "All You Zombies". It is thus often referred as the 'All You Zombies Paradox'. 2014 Australian science fiction film Predestination is...
Penrose Stairs Explanation Featured Image

Penrose Stairs Explanation | Impossible Stairs

  The 'impossible stairs' is a two dimensional staircase having four 90 degree turns forming a continuous loop. Which means that a person could climb or descend them forever without getting anywhere. This rather amazing illusion is called the...
110 year old bulb

The Centennial Light and the Light Bulb Conspiracy

  In 4550 East Avenue, Livermore, California there is a light bulb that is now being in use for over 110 years. The Centennial Light, as the bulb is now famously referred to, is a four-watt, hand-blown,...

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