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Mnemonic Video

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Mnemonic Dictionary


Mnemonic – Throw art to successfully defeat or oppose the artist’s aspirations


Word – Thwart


Meaning – to successfully defeat or oppose the aspirations of


Part of Speech – Verb


Synonyms – frustrate, foil, beat


Antonyms – encourage, promote, cultivate


Thwart sentences

1   Dumbledore would do anything to thwart the evil plans of Voldemort.

2   The government had to take immediate action to thwart the attempts of an uprising.

3   A set of new security screening measures will be taken to thwart Taliban infiltration of the Afghan police.


Thwarted sentences

1   A tired army meant that Alexander was thwarted in his plans to conquer the world.

2   With the help of a dog named Spiker, Airport security thwarted an attempt to smuggle drugs.


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