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Mnemonic – An object in an utterly hopeless and miserable state


Word – Abject



a) utterly hopeless

b) miserable


Part of Speech – adjective


Synonyms – miserable, wretched


Antonyms – worthy, commendable, magnificent


Abject sentences

1   He was in an abject state for many months after the break up with his girl friend.

2   The ring now ruled his existence and over the years would reduce him to his abject state. (inspired from LOTR)

3   His stories were sad, most of them on the abject misery of those who suffered a great loss.

4   The man offered an abject apology after his son accidentally broke our television set.


Abjection sentences

1   Calling this the age of woman empowerment is far from true because the abjection of women all around the poorer world remains a reality.

2   William Wallace was proud and honorable and refused to bow his head in abjection in-front of the king.


Under the Lens – Various Meanings of Abject

From watching the video you now know that abject means utterly hopeless, miserable or wretched.

Abject is also used to describe someone or something which is disgusting or shows a lack of human spirit or is otherwise contemptible.

Ex The war prisoners were subjected to abject torture.

Abject can also be used to convey a lack of self-esteem or being cast down in spirits which results in shamelessly servile or slavish behavior 

Ex He made an abject apology even though he was not at fault.

The word abject comes from the Latin root abject us which means ‘cast off or rejected.’ Well one can be miserable if one is cast off or rejected. However the exact meaning ‘cast off’ of abject has now become obsolete in general use.


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