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Mnemonic Video

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Mnemonic Dictionary


Mnemonic – Ac id bitter to taste or smell

Note – Remember as Acrid Acid


Word – Acrid



a) bitter to taste or smell

b) Having an strong and unpleasant taste or smell


Part of Speech – Adjective


Synonyms – biting, sharp, pungent


Antonyms – delicious, sweet


Acrid Sentences

1   Acrid fumes of dead bodies filled the air as he vowed revenge for the death of his family.

2   She slept on the couch ignorant of the acrid smell of the burnt turkey from the oven.

3   Sindbad walked for days in the desert. The hot and acrid weather had exhausted him and he wished for death.


Acridity Sentence

1   Raphides are needle shaped crystals of calcium compounds found in many plants. They are the cause of acridity in these plants.


Acridly Sentence

1   “Thanks for coming so late”, she said acridly, expressing her obvious anger.


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