The word that hides in the recess of your wall


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Mnemonic - All covered gifts are kept inside a recess or niche in the wall


Word - Alcove



a) a recess or niche in the wall

b) a partly enclosed extension connected to a room


Part of Speech - noun


Synonyms - nook, bower, compartment


Alcove sentences

1   An old couple was holding hands while they enjoyed the view from an alcove in the garden.

2   They had beautifully utilized the space in their small bedroom which had an alcove for the bed.

3   Hundreds of years ago, a family died together in an alcove when Pompeii was devastated by a volcano but even today many visitors look at the casts which show their postures when they died.

4   Many people build an alcove in their drawing room and decorate it with items like photos, showpieces etc.

5   We used to sit for hours in the alcove in that old building discussing everything from sports to teachers.



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