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  Mnemonic Dictionary


Mnemonic – 

Archery ain’t common these days

It became outdated when guns were invented


Word – archaic



a) outdated

b) associated with an earlier time


Part of Speech – adjective


Synonyms – antediluvianancient, old, irrelevant, old fashioned, antiquated


Antonyms – new, modern, relevant


Archaic sentences

1   The archaic laws of the land were a stumbling block in the progress of its people.

2   The Abacus is archaic in the age of computers but it was undoubtedly an amazing yet simple machine.

3   The old cinema hall looked archaic in comparison to the multiplexes but how could I forget all the memories linked to the former.

4   Shakespearean was such a master in expressing of human emotions that his plays cannot be considered archaic even after so many centuries.

5   If you wish to open an antique shop it would be a good idea to design it in an archaic way.  

6   I find archaic architecture of houses better than the designs of modern architects.


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