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In the hope that your vocabulary burgeons

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Mnemonic – Burger on burger makes the pile to grow rapidly


Word – burgeon


Meaning – to grow rapidly or flourish


Part of Speech – verb 


Synonyms – grow, prosper, blossom, thrive


Antonyms – shrink, wither


Burgeoned sentences

1   The Asian stock markets burgeoned for a few years due to excessive foreign investment.

2   The popularity of Dan Brown’s novels have burgeoned the interest in ancient secret societies and their secrets.

3   The city had burgeoned over the last decade almost doubling its population.


Burgeoning sentences

1   The pressures of corporate jobs have led to the burgeoning of divorce cases.

2   The development and sale of smart phones has had a burgeoning effect on the photographs on the internet.

3   The market for beauty products is burgeoning in this country.


Under the Lens: Burgeon Usage

Burgeon, apart from meaning to grow rapidly or flourish, also means to begin to grow.

Ex She is burgeoning into a fine lady.

These two usages of the word date back to the fourteenth century. Nowadays the meaning to flourish has taken precedence over the other meaning.

We do hope that your English vocabulary burgeons.


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