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Mnemonic – To support your bowls, buy a terminator hand stand


Word – bolster


Meaning – to support


Part of Speech – verb


Synonyms – sustain, uphold, buttress


Antonyms – hinder, obstruct


Bolster sentences

1   The huge dam project will bolster the power condition in the area.

2   To have any chance of winning the tournament they will first need to bolster the defense.

3   The new scheme of the government aims to bolster the economics of rural areas.

4   Our country needs entrepreneurs to bolster our economy.

Bolstering sentence

1   New experiments have proved the existence of the 5th state of matter, bolstering the claims made by of Bose and Einstein more than 5 decades ago.


Bolstered sentence

1   Busting of the major drug mafia in the region has bolstered the image of the local police.


Under the Lens: Bamboo Wife

In its noun form bolster refers to a long narrow pillow or cushion filled with cotton or fiber. While in western countries bolster is used for head or back support; in South and Southeast Asian countries, a bolster is used, to be hugged while sleeping.

It is said that a wife would make a bolster out of bamboo and give it to her husband when he traveled; so that he would not be lonely at night, hence the name “bamboo wife“.


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