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Satiate Meaning | Satiate Mnemonic


Satiate Synonyms: sate, glut

Satiate Sentence: I won’t be able to eat desert as I am already satiated.


Under The Lens: Difference between Sate and Satiate

Although satiate can mean to supply anything to excess, it is still used to simply suggest satisfaction to the full. Sate, on the other hand, almost invariably suggests the discomfort of over indulgence, especially in sensual pleasures.


Mnemonic Video Dictionary / Probity Meaning

Probity Meaning


Probity Synonyms: integrity, rectitude

Probity Sentence: Everyone was surprised when corruption charges were filed against him as he was known for his probity.


Under The Lens: Difference between Probity, Integrity and Rectitude

All these words indicate rightness of principles or conduct. Probity and integrity indicate honesty and the quality of having strong moral principles. Rectitude has overtones of self-discipline. It refers to strict adherence to what one believes is right, just or proper.



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Zealot Meaning


Zealot Synonyms: enthusiast, fanatic

Zealot Sentence: My aunt is a health zealot and she is hell bent on making me quit smoking.

Under The Lens: Zealot various meanings

Zealotry was a radical and warlike political movement of Jews in Judea. Prominent between A.D. 69 and A.D. 81, it advocated Jews to rebel against the Roman Empire and expel it from the Holy Land by force of arms. The word Zealot (Z capital) is used to refer to a member of this group.
Zealot may refer to a person who shows excessive enthusiasm for a cause, person or an object. Stretching this meaning it may also refer to a person who is a fanatic.



Truculence Meaning

Truculence Meaning


Truculence Synonyms: aggressiveness, belligerence

Truculence Sentence: His truculence was the reason behind their break-up.

Under The Lens: Difference between Truculence, Aggressiveness and Belligerence.

All these words suggest hostility and unprovoked offensiveness. Aggressiveness is the most general among these words. Belligerence and especially truculence are more formal substitutes for aggressiveness. Belligerence suggests war like hostility while truculence has overtones of contempt and open disregard