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e bull is enthusiastic and very lively


Word - Ebullient


Meaning - enthusiastic or very lively


Part of Speech - adjective


Synonyms - elated, blithe, exuberant,vivacious,excited, zippy,in high spirits


Antonyms - unenthusiastic, disinterested, in low spirits


Ebullient sentences:-

1   His ebullient personality changed the atmosphere of what was turning out to be a dull party.

2   She was in an ebullient mood despite her medical condition.

3   How can you maintain your ebullient personality during such hard and testing times?

4   The people missed the ebullient nature of the village idiot after his demise.

5   After facing rejection in love, Sam had turned from an ebullient teenager to a sad and melancholy young man.


Difference between Ebullient and Elated


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